Client:   Christians In Boston

Date:   2015

Deliverables:   Logo Design, Website, Brochure, MBTA Ads, METRO Ads, Business Cards for Advertising. 

"Christians In Boston" have been in the Boston area since 2011. When I moved to Boston I began worshipping with them, and had the opportunity to work with them on their design needs.  

I first created ads for the Metro Newspaper and public transportation system (MBTA) on upcoming lectureships. These proved to be very successful and we created a new theme twice a year that was used in the newspapers, on the subway, bus and station signs. I also had the opportunity to create a brand identity system - including a logo, cards, brochure and a website. I wanted CIB to have the ability to make minor website changes on their own, and thus using Squaresapce as the platform was a great solution.